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A handcrafted log home in Canada…what a dream, but one that we can make come true.   We are family run business, and we have been building log homes for people all over Eastern Canada and the US since 1984.  

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We start with native Nova Scotian pine logs and we strip the bark with high pressure water to preserve the smooth finish just beneath the surface. Every log is marked by one of our craftsmen to fit onto the log below it on the wall. The joinery is cut with hand held tools, so our homes are truly handcrafted, not machine built. The large diameter logs (up to 46cm!), tight joinery and our excellent gasketing system ensure the energy efficiency of our log walls.  

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Many of our homes include structural log elements such as exposed floor and roof beams, log trusses, stairs and railings. We have often included these features in  conventional homes and cottages as well. We have several plans to choose from on our website, but many of our homes are custom designs that we have created in collaboration with our customers.  We invite you to tour our website Then drop us a note or give us a call to discuss how we can help into a dream come true.Heartwood pic03

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