Nova Scotia / What to do?

Nova Scotia is located on the 45th degree of latitude at the height of Genoa (Italy) and is as large as the state of Bavaria - has nearly 1.2 million inhabitants, with about 300,000 inhabitants living in the capital city of Halifax. Halifax has the second largest natural harbor in the world. This is free of ice all year, which of course has a very positive effect on the commercial influence of the region.

The warm Gulf Stream and the many lakes are a dream for every water sports enthusiast and the varied location between the Atlantic and the mainland makes the heart of every nature lover beat faster. Countless leisure facilities such as bathing, diving, sailing, water skiing, golf, tennis, fishing, hunting, hiking, flying and much more. round off the fantastic image of Nova Scotia.

You can reach Canada's most coastal island in only 7 hours  flight from Europe. Halifax Airport is about 1.5 hours drive from our cottage near Bridgewater and the Kejimkujik National Park.

You'll meet a population in Nova Scotia that is very friendly, open-minded, and helpful - which is especially very pleasant for tourists who do not speak the English language so well.

The summer is very warm. The lakes invite with their approx. 24-27 degree permanently for bathing. Our white sand beaches are also a special experience.

Our holiday home is only a 1 hour drive from Halifax. The next town, where all shopping facilities, hospitals are available, is only 23 minutes away.

The many attractions in southern Nova Scotia make every stay a unique experience. Experience historical and cultural details of the Atlantic province, e.g. in the many museums one gets the colonization and the bases of existence very vividly mediated.

Also culinary, the restaurants on the coast leave nothing to be desired. Here, fish comes on the table freshly - you often have the opportunity to watch during the preparation.

No matter what interests you have - for every area you will find your appropriate leisure activities. From guided dives to old wrecks, canoe or kayak trips to the hand feeding of seals, all possibilities remain open to you.

"Petri Heil" for every angler on the numerous lakes and rivers or even an excursion to the open Atlantic. Pre-registration also allows longer or shorter rides in nearby ranches. In addition, in the many "National Parks" offer unlimited hiking possibilities with fantastic views.

Anyone who misses the city flair in the meantime, can quickly sniff out the inner city air in Bridgewater - the next largest city. Shopping, cinema, museum and restaurants as well as a step  into the "pubs" are waiting for you.

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